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JDV's CD, 'The Journey of Pop' is NOW AVAILABLE!

Click on the Merchandise tab up above to purchase it now!


JDVtheBassist has been entertaining over 20 years!  He's toured around the world, playing in 33 different countries. He's real big on playing covers due to the familiarity and pleasure it brings to the crowds.  However, his latest endeavor to satisfy his craving for creativity has been realized!  His solo smooth jazz album, 'The Journey of Pop', recorded alongside keyboardist, Darryl McEachin, is now available! Click on the Merchandise tab above to purchase it now! For more details on upcoming concerts, events, and the latest information from JDVtheBassist, check out his Facebook page using the link below.  If you'd like to get in contact with JDVtheBassist, feel free to contact him here.

About JDVtheBassist
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